Access Keys:

Holy Cross Girls� School, Ardoyne Road, Belfast

Bus Information

School buses are available each morning from 8.30 to 9.00am for children and their parents.

Pick up points are:

  • Berwick Road
  • Etna Drive
  • Ardoyne Shops

Buses are also available at 2.15pm for P1-3 children and at 3pm for P4-7 children returning home.

Bus supervisors are on all buses to ensure children's safety. All children and adults using the bus must wear a seat belt and take direction from the bus escorts.

All P1 and P2 children must be collected from the bus at home time or they will be returned to school and parents asked to collect them.

Please ensure that your child knows what her hometime arrangements are.

Only school buses may park at the front of the school. For health and safety reasons all other vehicles (including taxis) should use the parents' car parks at the side and rear of the school.