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Holy Cross Girls� School, Ardoyne Road, Belfast

Reciprocal Reading

30th Mar 2015

The Primary 7 group have recently finished reading the Michael Morpurgo novel 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. The girls have been using the reciprocal reading method, in which each girl takes on a specific role in the reading process. The roles encourage the children to question, predict, summarise, clarify and take charge of the reading session.

The children really enjoyed the novel work and had lots of positive things to say about the reading experience:

"I enjoy that everyone has a part and no one feels scared to speak up even if it's wrong - we just laugh! I love reciprocal reading" Erin.

"I love the group because you're not afraid to say anything. In the group I think we have more fun than learning (that's my opinion)" Clodagh.