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Holy Cross Girls� School, Ardoyne Road, Belfast

Anti Bullying Week 🌈❤️

22nd Nov 2021

Last week was Anti Bullying week. We did lots of different activities to promote kindness ☺️

One of our favourite activities was the ‘Scrunched up paper’

  1. The girls each got a piece of paper and wrote down something mean that someone had said to them before.
  2. The girls then scrunched the paper up into a little ball.
  3. After they had scrunched up the paper, they were told to smooth it out again so that it looked exactly the same as before.
  4. They realised that they no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t get the paper to go back to the way it was at the start.
  5. We talked about what the paper represented - their feelings! Even though we might say things off the cuff, it will still hurt other people’s feelings and they might be feeling sad about it for a long time, even when we have forgotten that we said it! 
  6. After that we talked about all the fantastic character traits in our class - and we sure do have ALOT! ❤️

    Check out all the lovely character traits in our class ☺️🌈❤️